Tips for Mowing Lawn to Have a Healthier Lawn

Lawn mowing is a deceivingly easy activity. Simply trim and cut the grass, and that is it. In reality, the exact way how you mow your lawn could affect how it develops and grows during the year. Follow the following tips to ensure that you will mow your lawn in a manner that will make it healthier as ever.

Alternate your mowing path

As you mow your lawn, do you have a particular path or way that you are used to? Maybe you tend to change your mowing path every time. Once grass begins to grow back, there’s a possibility that it will lean in the direction where you cut it from. If you mix up your mowing path, it can avoid ruts in your lawn and the grass could grow upright.

Cut Your Grass While it is Dry

While it’s wet, mowing your lawn does not harm the grass. But, once you leave behind the clumps of wet grass, you could kill your grass. It can also affect the blades of your mower and might cause them to rip off the grass. In addition, the grass can be ripped as well if you mow in wet soil.

Mow at the Exact Height

As you mow your law, guarantee that you choose the appropriate height for your lawn. You should not remove more than 1/3 of your grass blades. If you cut your grass too often and close, it could cause several problems with your lawn, like killing it and hindering the process of photosynthesis, increased chance for weed growth, and increased susceptibility to pests. Moreover, taller grass can develop deeper roots, enabling it to survive during drought well.

Make your Mower Blades Sharp

A balanced and sharp mower blade can cut grass in an efficient and clean manner. On the other hand, a weaker and dull blade can tear off grass instead, that leaves jagged and uneven edges behind. Hence, you should sharpen your blades often in summer and prevent cutting rocks and thick branches. Moreover, keep an extra mower blade with you just in case.

Mow Higher on Shaded Areas

Once you mow the lawn’s shaded area, particularly under the trees, you need to mow the grass higher. The grass in these shade parts commonly contests with the trees for nutrition and gets little to no exposure from the sun. By enabling longer blades, the grass has a greater space for doing photosynthesis, which will keep those areas of your lawn healthy.

Cut the Grass While It Is Cool

During the cooler times of the day (evening and morning), mowing the lawn enables the grass to heal at a faster rate and lose less water. During the middle of the day, cutting grass often causes heat stress, which makes the plants to recover slowly and lose more water.

As you mow your lawn, make sure to follow the tips stated above. However, if you need professional lawn care services from lawn care Kingsland, GA, you can contact us and visit our site to set an appointment. Our team would be pleased to help you out with any lawn issues that you have.